Vetafarm Dusting and Bathing Powder 80g

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Vetafarm Dusting and Bathing Powder for Small Animals

Contains natural mineral earth which stimulates grooming in small animals.

  • Mineral earth which stimulates natural grooming behaviour
  • Helps maintain a healthy coat and skin

For the maintenance of healthy skin and coat by the natural action of dust bathing and grooming.


Recommended for: All small animals to naturally condition skin and maintain healthy coat.

Key features: Stimulates natural grooming behaviour in small animals. Made from all natural Australian minerals. Promotes improved skin and coat condition. Helps fight bad odours (particularly useful in Ferrets).

Pack size: 80g

Directions: Supply a shallow dish of Dusting and Bathing Powder once or twice weekly to small animals. Lightly sprinkling Dusting and Bathing Powder over the fur of small mammals will encourage them to groom.