Unreal Ears aka Australian Veggie Ears

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Unreal Ears aka Australian Veggie Ears

Unreal Ears may seen unusual as a treat for your pooches, but it perfect to fill the void for ill, overweight and allergy prone dogs.

With less then 1% fat these are perfect as a regular treat without the issues other treats can bring.


  • Gluten Free
  • Low fat
  • Safe for pets with meat allergies
  • Individually wrapped for freshness


Rice flour, Glycerol, Yeast extract, Fibre, Canola oil, Vegetable protein, Natural colours

Analysis Results

Crude Protein 7.6%

Crude Fat 0.6%

Crude Fibre 1%

Salt 0.5% 

ME (Metabolisable Energy) 72kcal/100g