About Us

" ... people are born so they can spend their life learning how to be perfect... Pets don't live long because they are already perfect..." I remember reading this statement many years ago and repeat this as many times as possible to pet owners.

Mel's Pet Shed is brand new but is built on what many pet stores forget, the love of animals big and small. Mel's Pet Shed came about in an unusual way, but is worth all the minute of it.

Melissa "Mel", founder and father, Barry, are the passion and brains behind Mel's Pet Shed and aim to provide honest and true products to help keep your pet healthy and live longer. Working in the pet industry, wholesale and retail really opens your eyes to what pet owners hear and believe, only for them to feel like bad owners when they are educated. Mel's aim is to educate and help owners understand their pets better so they can live a happier and more comfortable life.