Seed Catcher XXXLarge Garter

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Seed Catcher XXXLarge Garter

Have you got seed problems? Like seed everywhere in your house?

Jen's Calico Material Garter Style Seed Catcher is what you want. These are designed to wrap snug around the seed throwing/problem area. They are 100% flexible for odd sized cages unlike the full seed cages available in square, flight or round cages.

100% machine washable, making them easy to wash and keep them looking fresh.

Available in:

  • Medium 80-130cm diameter x 15cm high
  • Large upto 180cm diameter x 18cm high
  • Extra Large upto 245cm diameter x 22cm high
  • XXL upto 275cm diameter x 40cm high (Special  Order)

How to fit?

measure your cage the same as normal, length plus width then multiple by 2

Example flight cage 76cm + 46cm = 122cm, 122 x 2 = 244

This cage would use the XL 245cm seed catcher for a nice snug fit