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Natural Animal Solutions - Calm

Calm remains one of our top selling products and has been a popular choice for pet parents seeking an all-natural, alcohol free support for their anxious or nervous pets.

Many pet parents loved Calm liquid drops, but many found the liquid a little tricky to administer when dosing their pets.

NEW Calm tablets provide easy portion control, they are crushable and can also be dissolved in liquid (after crushing) if you still prefer a liquid form. The tablet formula has been used in our clinic for over 8 years.

As with all products we are constantly looking at ways to improve our products and the good news is, it comes at no extra cost to you, our valued customers.


Ziziphus jujuba spinosa
Angelica polymorpha
Codonopsis pilosula
Astragalus membranaceus
Schisandra chinensis
Biota orientals
Cistanche salsa
Polygala sibirica
lycium chinensis
Poria cocos
Corydalis ambigua
Platycodon grandiflorus
Anemone altaica
Lecithin powder