Mackerel Skin Twists

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Mackerel Skin Twists - Scomberomorus Semifasciatus

All Australian Wild Caught Sustainably Sourced

Looking to save? Order 2 or more 1kg bags. This includes any 1kg bags in this range. Plus you can mix and match!

Looking for something a little special? Check out these hand twisted Grey Mackerel Skin Twists. Something as basic as a fish skin is made into something that is perfect for all sized puppies and dogs. Can be used as a quick snack with just a snip from a pair of scissors or a longer lasting treats.

Skins are often over looked in the fish industry but contain some magical properties. Fish skins are even used in modern medicine. Some of the skins benefits include

  •  High in protein & health fats ideal for puppy growth
  • High in Omega Oils
  • Hold more flavour compared other fish treats
  • Health skin and coat
  • Assisting in a healthy life puppies through to senior dogs

As a natural product (with nothing added) colour & size may vary. Each skin piece is approximately 15-25cm in length and can weigh between 30-60g each. Mackerel Skin Twists are intended for dogs but is safe for cats too. We have a sneaky kitty that likes steal if given a chance.

Another alternative for heavy chewers is Fish Skin Knots.

Typical Nutritional Analysis

Protein 54.4g / 100g

Total Fats 14.4g / 100g

Carbohydrates <0.1g / 100g

Ash 3.1g / 100g

Moisture <5g / 100g

Energy 2650kJ / 100g