Katz-Loo Litter 10kg

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Katz-Loo Litter

Cat’s & kittens LOVE Katz-Loo…it satisfies their natural instinct to dig in the earth and their human carers LOVE it because it’s easy to use, eliminates odours and is affordable and convenient.

Is Katz-Loo An Australian Product?

Katz-Loo is an Australian sourced 100% natural sodium bentonite clay with no added chemicals or fragrances. The sodium in Katz-Loo is a natural anti-bacterial inhibiting bacterial growth.

The bentonite absorbs up to 15 times its original volume when wet.

Clumps So Well You Can Use It In Your Automatic Cat Litter Box

Katz-Loo’s amazing clumping ability is second to none. It soaks up all moisture and traps nasty odours. Why throw out good litter with the bad when you can simply scoop out the clumps and poo! With very little wastage, Katz-Loo is super long-lasting and extremely economical. You can use it in a tradition litter tray or in an automated Cat litter box.

So Simple To Use

We recommend keeping a depth of 7-10cm for better clump and easier removal. Scoop daily, top up as needed and change the litter out monthly or more frequently depending on how many cats you have.

What Not To Do With Katz-Loo

Don’t put your Katz-Loo in the toilet or down the drain.  Katz-Loo can be safely disposed with your household waste where it will naturally break down.

Katz-Loo Is So Good

We know that our litter is the best clumping litter in Australia and that you and your cherished cat are going to LOVE Katz-Loo too…buy yours today!