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The Easy Walk® Headcollar is a comfortable and stylish solution to help stop your dog's pulling, lunging and jumping. The nose loop slips easily over your dog's head. When your dog tries to pull forward, his nose is 'steered' to the side and his body follows, preventing your dog from leaping ahead and dragging you down the street. The soft nylon headcollar sports a coloured ribbon finish and a comfortable felt pad lining. Attach any standard non-extending lead.

Key Features

  • Stops pulling, lunging and jumping
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Immediate, gentle control
  • Perfect for training dogs to heel
  • Padded nose loop for added comfort
  • More comfortable and humane than a muzzle
  • Adjustable nylon nose loop for a custom fit
  • Neck strap applies pressure to the back of the dog's neck instead of the throat
  • 1.8 m nylon lead and training guide included

System Includes

  • Headcollar
  • 1.8 m Nylon Lead
  • Training Guide

Harness Sizing Chart

Size Pet Size Sample Breeds Nose Loop Adjustments Neck Strap Adjustments
Small 2.3-11.4 kg Beagle, Sheltie, Shihtzu 7"-15" 7"-9"
Medium 11.4-27.2 kg Border Collie, Bulldog, Pug 9"-19" 9"-14"
Large 27.2-59 kg Boxer, German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever 12"-24" 10"-18"