Big Doggy Hearts

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Big Doggy Hearts

“The Only Pet Treats Tested On Humans! We know you love to treat your pets so Huds and Toke produce 100% Australian made Horse Treats, Dog Treats, Cat Treat“

A baked biscuit with Carob laced through it and then Carob and Yoghurt frosting drizzled delicately over the top. A great delicate flavour burst which will make even the fussiest tale wag with joy. 100% Australian made with no added sugar or artificial preservatives and low in fat.


Whole flour, whole egg, peanut butter, vegetable stock, apple cider vinegar, yoghurt & carob frosting, sprinkles, natural colours, colours

100% Australian Made

Designed for the Australian Summer

No melt or smudge frosting

No need refrigerated

Limited fat content

No added sugar (just sprinkles)

Human grade ingredients