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Sprouting Mix With Sorghum

Why feed sprouting mixes? Sprouting mixtures have a many benefits, from providing greens/micro greens to providing more protein to their diet.

Simply put dry seed is a storage of all nutrients but without the natural enzymes that cause it to grow its limited and baron. These seeds can be hard to digest especially for young and injured.

Soaked seeds are better then dry mainly because its easier to digest and ideal in mimicking the natural raising of offspring to birds. 

Sprouting seeds are the ideal way to feed any seed as they have unlocked all the benefits to have a healthy bird. The chemical changes mean 

  • Starch is now converted to simple carbohydrates/sugars
  • Protein converted to amino acids
  • Fat/oil converted to fatty acids

Like humans the more simple and wholesome the foods are the more nutrients absorbed. This is why breeders who sprout feed have high quality chicks with less mortality.

Seeds include Grey Stripe Sunflower, Mung Beans, Safflower, Wheat, Barley & Sorghum.

All orders of sprouts contain instructions.