Riverina Course Mash Sorghum Free 20kg

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Riverina Stockfeeds - Course Mash Sorghum Free

Unlike feeds for ruminants our poultry diets are usually complete feeds and supply the total daily requirements apart from water. Each type of poultry requires a specific diet to maximise production whether it be for eggs, meat or rearing replacements.

RIVERINA SORGHUM FREE LAYER MASH is a complete feed for domestic laying hens from point of lay. This feed is the final stage in a three stage-feeding programme for laying hens.



  • Wheat, cracked corn, bran & pollard, combination of protein meals, vegetable oil, dicalcium phosphate, calgrit, molasses, salt, bentonite, mould inhibitor,  Riverina vitamin & mineral premix.
  • Base raw materials may gradually change seasonally.


  • Domestic laying hens should have unlimited access to the feed (ad lib).
  • Feed intakes are typically 90 to 140 grams / bird / day and will vary with the season, variety of bird, lighting, shed conditions, disease status and other environmental conditions.
  •  Green feed and vegetable scraps can add some variety but it should only be a small part of the diet as egg production can suffer. Avoid feeding any mouldy feed.
  •  Clean, cool, fresh water should be available at all times.
  •  When hens enter the end of lay period, shell quality may deteriorate. Calgrit (coarse limestone) or shellgrit offered ad lib may help improve shell quality.


PROTEIN % MIN: 15.00
CALCIUM % : 3.50
FAT/EE % : 3.00
C FIBRE % MAX: 4.00
LYSINE % MIN: 0.70
SALT % MAX: 0.40
VITAMIN A iu/kg : 8,000.00
VITAMIN D iu/kg : 2,400.00
VITAMIN E mg/kg : 32.00
VITAMIN K mg/kg : 2.40
VITAMIN B1 mg/kg : 2.00
VITAMIN B2 mg/kg : 5.60
NIACIN (B3) mg/kg : 40.00
VITAMIN B5 mg/kg : 10.00
VITAMIN B6 mg/kg : 4.00
VITAMIN B12 mg/kg : 0.016
FOLIC ACID mg/kg : 1.20
BIOTIN mg/kg : 0.12
COBALT mg/kg : 0.23
COPPER mg/kg : 5.60
IRON mg/kg : 54.00
IODINE mg/kg : 1.35
MANGANESE mg/kg : 67.50
MOLYBDENUM mg/kg : 0.45
SELENIUM mg/kg : 0.20
ZINC mg/kg : 72.00


  • Balanced feed supplying essential nutrients for layers.
  • A quality feed for reliable egg production.
  • Formulated as a general purpose laying feed for household laying hens.
  • Whole and cracked grains are included to ensure that hens readily eat the mash.
  • The inclusion of calgrit will ensure that the hen receives a steady supply of calcium for good egg shell quality.
  • Includes a protein, vitamin and mineral pellet.
  • No sorghum.


  • Manufactured to strict quality control standards for incoming raw materials and the finished product.
  • Formulated in accordance with current research into poultry nutrition and mixed using a variety of quality raw materials.