Mel's Pet Shed is committed to protecting your privacy and uses all means necessary to protect it.

To keep it simple, we will never give your information out.

In the world of web it can be hard to protect any data. That is why at Mel's Pet Shed we use all methods available to us to protect your personal information. This includes multi-factor authentication, which makes data much more difficult to obtain. So sit back and know we are keeping your details safe.

Payment Details

At Mel's Pet Shed we use 3rd party providers for our payments. All information in regards to your credit cards are secure with the provider of your choice. We offer PayPal and eWay, all information gathered from these providers is held encrypted. This information can't be seen via Mel's Pet Shed.

What Information Do We Store/Collect

At Mel's Pet Shed we store minimal information. Details which we collect includes:

  • Name/s and email for mailing lists (opt in only)

  • Billing/address details

  • Contact number and email address

These details are restricted for your privacy and are only used to retrieve purchase information at customer request. The only acceptation is for returns where a manufacturer or local company representative would like to get more information. In these cases written consent will be required from the customer.

If you have any questions in regards to your information, please contact us.


"Data stored in the user's computer by a website being visited. These cookies are placed there by "third-party" advertisers to monitor the user's Web surfing habits and are generally considered an invasion of privacy." Quote from

Cookies are an essential part of internet usage, from Facebook to a general search of google. Mel's Pet Shed does have access to this information for general information ie location and click source (social media, search engine etc.). The information collected from this does not identify any customer or potential customer. This information is used only for future growth plans.

If you would not like these details stored, you can opt out of these using your internet browser settings.