Goat Horns - Large

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Large (135g-175g)

Wanting to try something new for your dog?

Goat horns are 100% natural and perfect for a good chew session at home.

They are a fantastic alternative to other chews on the market and most pet owns find a horn in the house much more welcoming then a big beef bone.

Interesting fact:

What makes a goat horn? Well goat horns are made from a substance called keratin. Keratin is what makes up our hair and fingernails! Horns are layers of hair essentially that harden. Another fact, horns are actually cold meaning they have no blood supply. As a result, a goat can live if the horns are removed.


100% Australian Goat, NO IMPORTS HERE Plus Nothing Added

Preservative Free

Naturally Dehydrated

Natural Dental Treat