XP Inner Health Charcoal Infused Dog Treat Chicken & Fish

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XP Inner Health Charcoal Infused Dog Treats

XP3020 Inner Health treats are 100% Australian sourced and manufactured to the highest standards.
The shape and ingredients will aid in gum and tooth care, the charcoal aiding in reducing wind, bad breath and tummy upsets.
Proudly Australian made treat - made with love from the highest quality ingrediants.
XP INNER HEALTH charcoal infused dog treats are health treat combining chicken and fish with Yucca and Aniseed to help fight those unpleasant smells that often come from our furry loved ones!

When given regularly these treats will help fight bad breath, stinky smells and any other bad odours from our furbabies.

Approximate Analysis
Protein Min 20%
Fat Min 10%
Moisture Max 8%
Fibre Max 3.5%

Whole grain cereals, Poultry meal, Fine ground Charcoal, Fish Meal, Vegetable Protein, Animal Fats, Yucca, Aniseed.

Feeding Guide
For maintenance purposes:
Small Dog - 6 x Charcoal treats /day
Medium Dog - 9 Charcoal Treats / day
Large Dog - 12 Charcoal Treats /day
This should be used as a guide only and always make sure fresh water is available.

Approximate Size: 2cm diameter x 0.5cm thick