Vetafarm Herpagrub 100g

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Verafarm Herpagrub

Herpagrub is a veterinary formulated food for insects, specifically designed to improve reproduction in colonies and substantially increase the nutritional value of insects fed to reptiles.

Indications: Insects naturally lack important nutrients such as calcium and vitamins. When used as the primary food source, Herpagrub substantially improves the nutritional value of feeder insects. Herpagrub provides high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals in a palatable form for crickets, mealworms and woodies.

Recommended for: Crickets and other insects as a boosting food source.

Key features: Highly nutritious gut load and insect food to increase the nutritional value of feeder insects.

Pack size:100g

Directions: Provide Herpagrub to insect colonies at all times as the primary food source. For mealworms, add a small amount of Herpagrub to your bran substrate.