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The Yard Clean Green Yard & Kennel Odor Eliminator is a 20:1 concentrate designed to eradicate obnoxious smells caused by animal urine and feces. Yard Clean Green is designed to mix manually for a pump style garden sprayer or dispense in a 20:1 hose-end proportioning sprayer (readily available at hardware & garden stores).

  • Works like magic to remove overwhelming smells caused by animal urine and faeces, household waste, fertiliser and other contaminants
  • Gentle on grass leaving no stains
  • Mix 1 part Yard Clean to 20 parts water
  • For very strong and difficult odours, increase the amount of Yard Clean in the mix ratio
  • Use regularly on porous and non-porous surfaces to control recurring odours
  • Non-toxic and safe to us around people and pets
  • 177ml makes over 3.5L
  • 3.78L makes over 75L