Tuna Tails

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Tuna Tails - Thunnas Albacares 

All Australian Wild Caught Sustainably Sourced

Looking to save? Order 2 or more 1kg bags. This includes any 1kg bags in this range. Plus you can mix and match!

Tuna tails are perfect for all dogs including determined little dogs too. Starting with a chew tail bone, tough outer skin and meaty center.

Dehydrated to perfect you have a long lasting and tasty treat for you dogs. Packed full of benefits

  • High source of calcium
  • High in Omega Oils
  • Rich protein source
  • Contains Vitamins and Minerals including B Vitamins 
  • Assisting in a healthy life puppies through to senior dogs

As a natural product (with nothing added) colour and size depending on the location and depth when wild caught. Average tail size is between 20-30cm & approximately 55-100g in weight. On average expect between 4-6 tails per 500g.

Typical Nutritional Analysis

Protein 71.9g / 100g

Total Fats 9.4g / 100g

Carbohydrates <0.1g / 100g

Ash 14.4g / 100g

Moisture <5.7g / 100g

Energy 1560kJ / 100g