Mackerel Fish Tails

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As part of our 100% natural fish treat range, we offer a fantastic range of healthy dog and cat treats.

Looking for something a little different? Mackerel Fish Tails are not all different they are full of enrichment and ideal for dogs big and small.

Average size 20-30cm

Average weight 55-90g

Fish sourced from the beautiful Queensland waters in Mission Beach. Another bonus is all these fish products are sustainably caught to protect our precious Australian waters.


Dehydrated to perfection to maximise taste and nutritional value.

Dehydrating is used to make these treat preservative and additive free. Holding all the essential nutrients that they would have normally, including high in omega 6 essential oils, magnesium, calcium, potassium and more minerals.

Fish is a great source of nutrition to help with joint health, digestion, coat condition plus help keep teeth clean & white.


100% Australian Fish, NO NASY HERE Plus Nothing Added

Preservative Free

Naturally Dehydrated

Natural Dental Treat