Beef Liver Premium A Grade

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Looking to save? Order 2 or more 1kg bags. This includes any 1kg bags in this range. Plus you can mix and match!

Liver is the perfect treat for your pooch or kitty. Beef is the typical liver flavour seen and sold in shops and vets.

Also check out our other variety's in liver: Lamb or kangaroo.

Premium A Grade Liver contains higher quality in the dehydrating process and is thicker compared to our other beef liver.

Liver is an absolute favourite in all households! Beef liver is the perfect treat to help maintain focus with puppy school, general training and outdoor adventure time. These treats are easy to storage on hand and won't leave oil residue on our hands either.

Liver is packed full of nutrition for our cats and dogs including healthy fats and iron.

Nutritional Analysis

Moisture 18%
Fat 7.8%
Crude Firbe <0.1%
Ash 4.5%
Energy 570.2 Cal/100g