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Oz Hemp Mini As Small Animal Bedding

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Bedding is an important part of a rodents’ housing. The wrong type of bedding may cause respiratory illnesses as they contain excess oils and aromas that rodents and other small animals cannot be exposed to for long periods of time (being more than one or two cleanings).

Cat litter such as wood shaving and recycled paper pulp seems to be popular bedding for small animals but amongst rat and mice-keepers it has also been reported to cause the most sneezing in their rats and mice. Pine (and cedar) bedding is detrimental to a rat's respiratory system. Recycled paper tends to contain phenols, which give them their “fresh” scent, and is toxic.


Remember that your rat, mouse and guinea pig has its nose close to whatever bedding you give it for a large percentage of an average day, so it doesn’t want highly fragranced or dusty bedding material.

First of all, the acids given off by pine and cedar are damaging to the respiratory tract, making your pet susceptible to respiratory infections.

Secondly, components of cedar and pine (phenols), which give them their ‘fresh’ scents, are toxic, causing the rat's liver to work overtime to cope with them. This can lead to constant stress on the rat's system, and problems with the immune system. It can also affect the absorption of medicines given to treat other problems. (This also applies to mice, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets).


Mini-Hemp® is great bedding for rats and mice that like to tunnel. The structure of the hemp allows for easy tunneling. Hemp bedding would work much better than other wood based litter, which still carries the dust that irritates the upper respiratory systems.


Mini-Hemp®, hemp hurd bedding is most definitely a safe bedding option for rats and mice. Hemp has natural oil that contains insect repellents and will prevent the hosting of mites. However, if your bedding is already infested with mites you could spray the bedding with diluted tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil as either of this will kill mites.


When using a hemp product for guinea pigs you must be aware that some brands are treated with essential oils such as eucalyptus extract. Most hemp bedding for horses are treated with either eucalyptus or citronella. Guinea pigs do enjoy chewing their bedding, and as Eucalyptus oil in particular is poisonous to guinea pigs, any bedding containing this oil must never be used for guinea pigs’ bedding.

Mini-Hemp® is all-natural, as it does not contain any added “fresh” scents or chemicals against parasites. Any litter that has a scent to it is harmful to sensitive mice lungs as well.