Natural Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs 120ml

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Laila & Me Natural Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs 120ml

Cold Pressed Hemp Oil, 100% Natural & Australian

Hemp Oil has so many benefits for your dog you really need to see it to believe it. 

What you can expect from using Hemp Oil

  • Super soft glossy coat
  • Clearing of skin irritations
  • Reduce in inflammation including arthritis
  • Assists in anxiety behaviours
  • Gut health
  • Overall Wellbeing  

The cold press technique retains more nutrients which would be loss to heat so you can expect better results while using hemp oil.

Hemp oil vs CBD

Hemp oil is extracted from the seed of the cannabis plant not the flower buds and leaves of the plant. The plant itself contains the THC which is what gives you the "stoned" feeling. Micro traces can sometimes be found in the hemp oil but will have little to no affect as the amounts required for the "stoned" feeling is much higher. 

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