Hessian Sacks Replacement Dog Bed Cover

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Due to Covid-19 hessian all sacks are unavailable from our normal supplier. As a result we have to source from out of state suppliers, meaning slower receiving and higher cost. So far all sizes are affected. Please be patient as we source new suppliers.

Current forecasts are estimating for August 2020.

The Original Hessian Bags are available in Jumbo (purple stripe), Large (green stripe) and Medium (plain). To make a cover for a small bed or mat simply cut down a Large bag. To make a cover for a Mini bed or mat simply cut down a Medium bag. 

Available in 3 sizes:
Jumbo  78x110cm (LW)     -  Purple Stripe
Large  69x100cm (LW)       -  Green Stripe
Medium  54x94cm (LW)     -  Plain