Flake Jerky

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Flake Jerky - Carcharhinus Limbatu

All Australian Wild Caught Sustainably Sourced

Looking to save? Order 2 or more 1kg bags. This includes any 1kg bags in this range. Plus you can mix and match!

Please Note: This batch is a fillet style compared to normal small cuts

Our Flake Jerky is sustainably caught & sourced using North Queensland Black Tip or Australian Gummy shark. This product is made from left overs or fish that doesn't make the fish market quality. In the past these would be "binned" by now used in the pet industry to create healthy treats.

Ideal for small and large dogs flake jerky is a tasty & chewy treat packed with essential nutrients for you pet.

Dehydrating locks in the flavour and nutrients making them tasty for any day of the week. Flake Jerky is packed full of Omega Oils for

  • Promoting healthy joints
  • Health skin and coat
  • Assisting in a healthy life puppies through to senior dogs
  • Assist in a health gut function

As a natural product (with nothing added) colour will vary from a light to dark depending on species and location. Size will also vary from fillets to chunks, pieces can .5-1cm in thickness and upto 10cm in length.

Typical Nutritional Analysis

Protein 62.1g / 100g

Total Fats 1.7g / 100g

Carbohydrates <0.1g / 100g

Ash 4.8g / 100g

Moisture <17g / 100g

Energy 1590kJ / 100g