Flake Jerky

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Looking to save? Order 2 or more 1kg bags. This includes any 1kg bags in this range. Plus you can mix and match!

Flake Jerky will be available again approximately March 2021.

As part of our 100% natural fish treat range, we offer a fantastic range of healthy dog and cat treats.

Flake jerky is available in 3 forms, strips, cubes and fillets. All subject to availability, please let us know if you have a preferred form you would like.


Fish sourced from the beautiful Queensland waters in Mission Beach. Flake Jerky is dried fillets of fish, perfect as a soft chew to keep them entertained.

Dehydrated to perfection to maximise taste and nutritional value.

Dehydrating is used to make these treat preservative and additive free. Holding all the essential nutrients that they would have normally, including calcium, Omega 3 and protein, making them the perfect addition to the everyday diet of your pet.Fish is a great source of nutrition to help with joint health, digestion, coat condition and the improvement of dental health.