Fido's Fleatrol Plus

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Fido's Fleatrol + I.G.R Quick Dry Spray

Formed in 1970 Mavlab (Fido's) manufactures over 250 products and are sold in more than 15 countries. With nearly all developed and manufactured here in Australia. 

Quick drying spray for environmental and on-pet flea control


Flea control for use on dogs and areas in and around the house frequented by the pets. Unique pleasant smelling formula contining natural pyrethins and the insect growth regulator methoprene. Controls fleas and brown dog ticks for up to 7 days and prevents fleas from developing viable eggs for up to 6 weeks. Available in 250mL and 500mL ready to use spray bottles.

Active Ingredient: Pyrethrins 2 g/L, MGK 264 6 g/L Piperonyl Butoxide 3.5 g/L. Methoprene 4 g/L

Ingredients: Pyrethrins, MGK 264, Piperonyl Butoxide, Methoprene, Isopropyl alcohol, Fragrance

How to Use

Spray from a distance of 15cm to the pet. Fluff the hair to allow the spray to penetrate to the skin. Start from the tail and work towards the head spraying enough to slightly dampen the coat and skin. Remove excess spray from the surface of the fur by wiping over with a damp cloth.