Crocodile Bones Mix

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Australian Crocodile Bones

Crocodile Bones maybe smaller than the typical bone treat, but don't be fooled. Long lasting and packed full of goodness, crocodile bones are dehydrated with flesh and skin to create the perfect treats.
Crocodile is higher in protein and lower in fat than the average beef, lamb and chicken treats. Making it perfect for high energy dogs throughout the day.

These treats are dehydrated at low temperatures not cooked. Dehydrated treats don't splinter like cooked bones but can be swallowed causing other issues.
Due to the variable size of the bones, Mel's Pet Shed recommends to monitor pets while enjoying these treats and throw away smaller pieces to avoid choking hazards.

100% Australian Crocodile, NO IMPORTS HERE Plus Nothing Added

Preservative Free

Naturally Dehydrated

Natural Dental Treat