Charcoal & Calcium Bell 30g

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Shell Grit & Calcium Bell 30g

Calcium is an essential part of all birds diet to keep them growing and healthy throughout their lives. In seed based diets calcium is lacking which can result in shorter lives.

Calcium bells are an easy solution to the lack of calcium but also easy to administer. Find a hanging spot normally just above the "favourite" perch and done.

The 3 different calcium bells available are:


Charcoal aids in the digestion process but also removes toxins that the bird may have ingested. Charcoal & Calcium bells are white or even a slight grey tint.

Tonic (Iodine) 

Iodine is an essential vitamin used to regulate the thyroid by reducing fat, therefore reducing tumors and diabetes for example but also assists in molting, breeding and many other factors in birds. Iodine & Calcium bells can be identified by the pink colour.

Shell Grit

Grit is your basic calcium bell that is highly recommended as a normal extra to you bird cage.

y tint.