Beef Bones

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Beef Bones high in protein, low in fat and are a well know family favourite for your pooches. These 100% Australian Beef Bones are 100% safe for you medium to large dogs and will provide hours of entertainment with the bonus of shiny, clean teeth.

Sizes - Depending on the batch a range of sizes can be recieved. Short and very thick or over 40cm long but still very thick. Most bones are approx. 700g to 1.2kg each.

These treats are dehydrated at low temperatures not cooked. Dehydrated treats don't splinter like cooked bones but can be swallowed causing other issues. Mel's Pet Shed recommends to monitor pets while enjoying these treats and throw away smaller pieces to avoid choking hazards.


100% Australian Beef, NO IMPORTS HERE Plus Nothing Added

Preservative Free

Naturally Dehydrated

Natural Dental Treat