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Aussie Grazers Slow Feeding Hay Net

Aussie Grazers is a Husband and Wife ran company based in Melbourne, Victoria. As horse owners, we were sick of seeing our hay being wasted and started looking into how we could minimize waste and also save money.

After making a number of nets for ourselves and friends, we found that people were interested in our style of nets, and that is how Aussie Grazers was formed.

All our nets are made locally in Australia.

 *Current stock on hand: 1x 30mmx30mm, 2x 40mmx40mm, 1x 60mmx60mm for immediate dispatch*

Small hay net is designed to hold 1-2 biscuits of hay.


Aussie Grazers Hay Nets come in 3 sizes 30mm / 40mm / 60mm square holes made out of tough UV treated polyethylene netting, this stops the fraying of the net and rope ends which is typical of cheaper nets on the market.

Hay nets are ideal of boredom eaters and the typical "pig" who never stops. This reduces not only your overall cost for feeding livestock but also vet related bills from ulcers and obesity issues.


Aussie Grazers Slow Feeding Hay Nets are perfectly fine to use on all live stock including horses, cattle and sheep. This product is not recommended for horned livestock due to the likelihood of getting caught in the net.

The 30mm is perfect for the ponies and is made from the same thickness netting as our 40mm nets.

The 40mm is our original size that is perfect for all horses and saving hay.

The 60mm is a thicker strength netting and is great for holding your round bales together, especially in windy conditions or just to stop your horse spreading their hay! - Perfect for the oldies as the holes are larger.


Care Instructions

It is important never to introduce a slow feeding hay net to a hungry horse, ensure your animals have some loose hay available to access while they learn how to eat through the net. If this is not done, some horses will bite into the net, and this can cause breaks. It is also highly important to ensure the hay is easily palatable so it can be pulled through the net, some rough and stalky types of hay may lead to frustration. Any repairs can be made with the repair twine provided or bailing twine; repairs need to be made immediately to prevent further damage. You should be checking your net often to prolong the life of your net and tighten the drawstring.